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Software Development

Compliant with international standards, special for military applications, using high technologies; flexible, agile and quality software development capability

CEY Savunma is a software focused company. There exists an integrated software development environment which includes various programming languages, design, test, change management, requirements management, configuration management and reporting tools. We develop our software as cross platform applications that can be used in different environments such as Windows and Linux. Our development environment includes the necessary infrastructures for the development of user interactions, web-based applications and database applications.

Our software development process, which is included in our quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standard, has been created in accordance with ISO/IEC 12207, AQAP 160, MIL-STD-498 and CMMI Level 3 maturity model.

Software Development in Accordance with Military Standards

High Performance Programming

Graphical User Interface Development

Middleware and Infrastructure Software

Automatic Code Generation

System and Test Engineering, Domain Knowledge

Efficient system engineering approaches in project and product development, appropriate infrastructure and applications for verification and validation stages, wide domain knowledge needed in projects

We apply the system engineering perspective in the solutions we develop. For this purpose, we apply a user-oriented development process. We transform user needs into system and/or software requirements, create traceability matrices and follow the requirements throughout the entire development life cycle. Before the detailed design, we make a system level design and/or architectural design of the system we will develop. We use independent test teams to verify and validate the solutions we develop.

We make use of static code analysis tools for code review, automatic test tools in tests, test software we have developed and requirements and scenario-based tests in tests with the user. Domain knowledge has an important place in our projects. This expertise is needed especially in system and software analysis activities and conceptual modelling. While we meet these needs from our experienced and knowledgeable staff in the company, we also benefit from external sources when needed.

System Engineering Approach

Conceptual Modelling



Domain Knowledge

Project Management, Engineering and R&D Management

Organizational project management techniques in line with international standards, advanced planning, monitoring and reporting methods, innovative R&D approaches

The projects developed in our company are managed by the Programs unit, resources in the matrix structure are provided by the Engineering and R&D unit. We utilize our organizational standards in schedule, budget and scope management of project management. We monitor our projects monthly and review them at least twice a year with our senior management. In the reviews, we analyze metrics such as earned value analysis, schedule and budget performance index along with the project realization results we collect throughout the period.

In addition to our contracted projects, we carry out innovative R&D studies based on the creative ideas of our employees and end user needs. We develop our R&D projects with agile project development methods within our corporate structure and we produce hightech solutions that can be quickly commercialized, directly aimed at end-user expectations.

Corporate Governance

Peer Reviews

Earned Value Analysis

Research and Development


Engineering Support Service

Appropriate engineering support services with design and development activities; training, consulting, independent testing and integration

Our company works on project and product basis and produces original engineering solutions. In addition, we also provide engineering support services such as training, consultancy, independent testing, integration and standards compliance in case of need.

The majority of our staff also conduct academic studies in parallel with the work they carry out, additionally they also teach courses such as Systems Engineering, Software Architecture Design, Information System Architectures at universities. If needed, these courses can be transformed into short or medium-term seminars, training and consultancy.



Independent Test and Integration

Standard Compliance

Academic Support



Integrated Software Development Environment

Microsoft Visual Studio
QT Creator
Enterprise Architect
IBM Doors
Jira Software
Oracle Virtual Machine
Matrix Laboratory

Cross Platform Applications


User Interactions

Unreal Engine

Database Applications


Web Based Applications


Project Management