CEY Defence TR EN


We bring real world systems, data and events to the virtual environment; we develop mathematical and physical models appropriate for different uses.

Model Editor

A tool that allows the creation of different types of models, new parameters to be added to the created models, and the models to be presented in a library

Model Definition Language

Dynamic adaptive visual model definition language for discrete time simulations

Inventory Definition Tool

A tool with inventory data such as platform, weapon and sensor which are developed by the customization of simulation models; these data can be updated easily by the user via the interfaces provided

Strategic/Operational/Tactical Level Modelling

Multi-level, multi-resolution modelling infrastructures to be used at different levels; models can be updated for different purpose of uses by the adaptation of fidelity levels of models developed

Radar Electro-Optics Signature and Propagation Models

Flexible, expandable model libraries containing detailed signature and propagation models for radar electro-optical models, with resolutions at different fidelity levels