CEY Defence TR EN


We develop wargame simulations that can be used for different purposes such as tactical training, analysis, operational use, simulation-based acquisition and academic use.

Scenario Planning Software

Flexible, easy-to-use planning application that allows the integration of different types of data, preview function, compatible with different simulations

Naval Wargame Simulation

Different types of warfare used by naval forces such as surface warfare, underwater defence warfare, electronic warfare, modelling of all platforms, weapons and sensors in the inventory, multi-user multi-force structural simulation application where complex scenarios are applied

Microservice Based Wargame Infrastructure

Establishing the wargame infrastructures required for model execution and scenario running in compatible with microservice architecture infrastructure and taking advantages provided by microservice architecture

Joint Wargame Simulation

Simulation where naval, air and land forces operate jointly, different levels of models and visualizations are used for different units, and joint operations such as amphibious and airborne are modeled

Debriefing Software

Tracking software that allows recorded scenarios to be re-run, finding errors made during scenario execution

Analysis and Reporting

Application where different types of reports are produced for analysis by using recorded scenario and user data, and the generated reports are graphically visualized