CEY Defence TR EN

Model Definition Language and Tools for Discrete Time Simulations

Advanced Run-Time Infrastructure

HLA Integration Support

New Generation Joint Wargame Simulation Infrastructure

Radar Electro-Optics Modelling

Tactical Environment Simulation

Simulation Environment for Engagement Analysis

Contains a domain-specific language; it is suitable for discrete time simulations, it is visual and dynamic adaptive. It speeds up the model evaluation process, facilitates the adaptation of new developers, saves effort and time, and strengthens communication between the client and the developer. It shortens delivery times and costs. It provides convenience to the developer thanks to its formula library, code generation capability and visual interfaces.

It is an interoperability middleware compliant with IEEE HLA 1516-2000 and 2010 standards. It reduces problems by saving, visualizing and replaying data in the integration of simulation systems, increases visual understandability, shortens development and integration times with code and FOM/SOM production, is flexible and modular and easy to use. Thanks to its dynamic link compatibility, it can easily be used instead of similar RTIs. Even though it is an original software product developed for national usage, with its extendible and expandible nature, its purpose to integrate different simulations developed for different nationalities is still possible.

It is the service of integration and interoperability of simulation systems developed for different purposes. It provides the infrastructures needed by systems with High Level Architecture compatibility requirements. With the help of exemplary simulations, preparation, production and adaptation of data types in regards to interoperability becomes possible with the architecture; thus, provides the necessary infrastructures for the creation and management of the federation by HLA gateway, facilitates and accelerates the integration. It offers a user interface that displays interactions over the HLA. It is RPR FOM compatible.

Each service has a defined functionality and interface because of microservice architecture, all services can manage the message traffic and have a unique structure that can meet the needs of similar projects to be developed in the future. It has touchscreen interfaces and tabletop application. With the help of specialized user interfaces for different level of command chain, it became possible to run a wargame in strategic, operational and tactical level at the same time. Extendible management interface and the help of artificial intelligence enables a single scenario to be run with different number of commanders. A virtual reality environment is also prepared for users to experience new technologies in wargame simulations by using Unreal Engine and Oculus Rift.

They are mathematical/physics models developed at tactical and engineering fidelity levels. The complex processes from the conceptual modelling stage to the validation of the models have been applied. It includes radar and electro-optics signature and propagation models. It is a library that contains many and different types of radar and electro-optics model structures specifically prepared for the project. It contains a structure that is flexible and suitable for adding new models enabling a completely new database including different type of radar and electro-optic systems as well as new capabilities.

It is the software used for defining the fixed and moving entities in the virtual training environment, editing the virtual training scenario, running the scenario and replaying it after the training. It consists of the observer control station, scenario management tool, record and replay tool, model editor and digital map library components. It can be adapted for different types of simulation applications.

It is a simulation environment prepared to analyze countless runs guided missiles. This simulation environment consists of planning mode including a model database, mission plans and environmental conditions, model library capable of providing tactical environment data to guided missile that’s being analyzed and management interface handling simulations, running, recording and replaying. It is possible to integrate the models provided by different developers to the simulation environment.