CEY Defence TR EN


We gather different types and sizes of data, combine them and visualize them in a way that suits its purpose of use.

Data Fusion

Fusion of data of different type, size and content at different levels, data fusion techniques independent of data content and visualization of combined data

Data Interpretation

Interpretation of different types of data, data analytics and data visualization

Map and Environmental Conditions Data

Using different types of maps such as Shape, Vmap, S-57, integrated depth and elevation data, integrated environmental conditions data of atmospheric, oceanographic, magnetic, acoustic, meteorological types, data updating and adding new data

Inventory Data Management

Keeping and updating platform, weapon, sensor, counter measure, communication and similar inventory data in an integrated manner, and adding new data

Data Record and Replay

Saving network data or user data for different applications, fast access to recorded data and replay of this data

Simulation Monitoring Tool

Monitoring software developed for users such as trainers, referees and commanders who follow the simulations other than the players for different types of simulations, remote monitoring, webbased access functionality