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One of the most important issues in CEY Defence since its establishment is human resources, which is its most important value. The human resources policy established in this context is basically built on a structure based on the development and continuous learning of employees, where the work is carried out in accordance with basic business and professional ethics, corporate goals and personal goals are matched.

In order to produce unique and distinctive technologies, it is aimed to evaluate the competencies of the employees correctly and to ensure that they work with maximum performance. For this purpose, suitable working conditions are provided and creativity and taking initiative are encouraged within the company. In our company, the work performance of all our personnel is monitored and evaluated periodically. We have a performance and wage management system used for this purpose.


The training of the staff and their continuous self-improvement is important for our company. For this purpose, a training plan is prepared every year and professional and personal development training are taken. An orientation training taking about 1 week is given to the newly recruited personnel, at the same time, the first months of the task are carried out as on-the-job training. Experienced personnel of our company provide the necessary training, support and guidance to the young and less experienced team. Our company accepts interns every year in line with certain quotas and contributes to the development of interns. Our company has both a library of printed books and an electronic library with books, journals and articles in electronic media.


CEY Defence is a company that provides software-oriented innovative engineering solutions. Our teams of software, test and systems engineers carry out our project, product and R&D studies. These engineering studies are supported by the project management office and the corporate office. Our teams mainly consist of graduates of the computer, electrical-electronics and industrial engineering and physics departments of universities, but candidates graduated from different disciplines can be included in our support teams.


In the recruitment process, we aim to select the candidate who has the professional knowledge and competencies that best suit CEY Defense culture, goals and expectations. We first evaluate the applications made to the job postings shared on the relevant websites (Kariyer.net, linkedin, Visionergenc.com) and social media in recruitment process in which Human Resources and managers actively take part. We call the most suitable candidates among the applications evaluated and invite them for an interview.

We conduct face-to-face interviews to evaluate the resume, English language proficiency and technical competencies by inviting the appropriate candidate for an interview. We select the suitable candidate for the position by making the final elimination among the most successful candidates. With the completion of the selection process, we inform the candidate of the result and make a job offer.

Flexible Working Hours

Our working hours are between 09:00 and 18:00 on weekdays. Flexible working rules are applied in our office according to the work flow of our employees.

Postgraduate Study Opportunities

Academic studies of our employees are very valuable to us. Postgraduate studies especially in line with their job descriptions are supported for all our employees.

Training Opportunities

Training of our employees and their continuous self-improvement is important for our company. For this purpose, a training plan is prepared every year, and professional and personal development training is taken.

Team Spirit

The most important source of developing innovative and original engineering solutions is teamwork. We work with passion and enthusiasm by continuing our unity as CEY Defence team.

Private Health Insurance

We care about the health of all our employees and provide private health insurance starting from the first day of the work.

Social Activities

We are a team that likes to organize different activities to have fun as a team outside of work. Spending time together outside of work allows our team to get to know each other. We come together to spend quality time together with different activities like “Happy Hour, New Year’s Dinner, Birthday Event, Surprise Breakfast, Book Club, Movie Night, Sightseeings, Nature Activities”.

Infirmary Service

We have an on-site doctor and nurse who provide services to all our employees.

Vacation Leaves

All of our employees are entitled to paid leave within the periods determined by the labor law and according to their work flows.

Cafeteria Service or Meal Ticket

We have a meal ticket application that can be used in our dining hall consisting of delicious menus and at the locations where our employees can eat at any restaurant they wish.

Our Beautiful Office

We have one of the most beautiful views of Ankara, fresh air, sunny and open office. Our office has one of the best working environments in our industry.


Our company has both a library of printed books and an electronic library with books, journals and articles in electronic media.