CEY Defence TR EN


We can reuse and customize the contents of the software components we have developed according to different projects and needs

Record and Replay Tool

Software that can be used in different areas such as simulation, command control and communication applications, where data is recorded in applications, the recorded data is replayed, returning to the selected recording moment, playing at different speeds

Formula Library

A library where the existing basic mathematical formulas are presented in a library structure, allowing the definition of new formulas, where the codes of the formulas can be produced in C ++ and Java languages

Automatic Code Generation

Application that makes automatic code generation according to different user preferences by using the template engine and transformation generation techniques

Artificial Intelligence Support

Application of algorithms such as goal-oriented autonomy, heuristic search, random optimization, transition from basic rule-based behavior to learning systems

Game Engine Integration

Integration of developed models with different game engines, software integration of the game engine and graphical representation over the engine

Tactical Picture Compilation

Fusion of data from different sensors, displaying the fused data with tactical symbols, periodic sharing of the compiled tactical picture with different units