CEY Defence TR EN


We develop visual applications that can be used in simulation modelling, command control, avionic systems or any other application area.

Virtual Reality Application

Providing 3D visualization in simulation applications, rich visualization for the battlefield, detailed graphical modelling, integration with virtual reality glasses like Oculus Rift

Touchscreen Application

Use of applications on touchscreens, use of maps with technologies like WPF and SharpMap, integration with hardware such as tabletop

2D/3D Visualization Tool

Map supported, high resolution 2 and 3 dimensional visualization application

Geographical Information System Applications

Basic digital map functions, detailed analysis and filtering applications on the map, integration with different GIS applications such as ESRI, open source use such as OSG

Map and Environmental Conditions Editor

Integration of different map types and environmental conditions data, flexible and easy to-use interfaces to update the data generated