Our Human Resources Policy

One of the most important issues in CEY Defense since its establishment is its human resources, which is the most important value. The Human Resources policy established in this context is based on a structure of the development of employee and continuous learning, where the work is carried out in accordance with the basic business and professional ethics, the corporate goals and personal goals are overlapped.

In order to produce unique and distinctive technologies, it is aimed to correctly evaluate the capabilities of the employees and to ensure that they work at maximum efficiency. For this purpose, appropriate working conditions are provided and creativity and taking initiative are encouraged within the company.

Software Engineer

We are looking for Software Engineers who are graduated from the engineering (preferably Computer or Electronics) departments of the universities, who can develop software in different environments such as Windows / Linux, C ++ / Java, who are suitable for team work, have no military service and have good knowledge of English language. Interested candidates can apply to ik@ceysavunma.com with their short CVs.

Long Term Intern

We are looking for interns who are continuing their education in computer, software or informatics departments of universities, who have completed their 3rd year education, and who can do long term (3 or 4 months) internship. Trainees who will work in software development field should apply to ik@ceysavunma.com with their short CVs.