Who Are We?

CEY Defense and Simulation Systems is a young and dynamic company established in 2016 by the engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in defense and simulation sector. The company continues its activities in the National and NATO Confidential security-level facility located in Hacettepe Technopolis.

We set out with the mission of being a company that meets customer needs in the field of simulation technologies with superior quality and strong engineering solutions and develops different, original and innovative products.Our vision is to become the preferred company in the areas we are working in Turkey and in the world, and to offer innovative solutions that make a difference.

In addtition to make a point of calendar, budget and cost effectiveness issues in the projects we are developing, it is among our main objectives to develop original engineering products that use high technologies correctly and can compete with their peers in the world.

In Which Areas Do We Work?

The main field of activity of our company is software and simulation technologies and the primary sector we target is defense industry. In line with the knowledge and experience we have gained in previous years in the field of simulation modeling, which is shown among the most critical technologies of today by developed countries; we are focused on structural simulations and warfgame simulations in particular. We also develop a variety of unique infrastructure software that developers and end users need.

In addition to simulation modeling, we also try to evaluate our competencies in software development areas such as high performance programming, user interactive design and development, cross-platform applications in different areas such as command control systems, health technologies and information applications.

What Have We Done?

In the first years of our establishment, we created our corporate infrastructure and prioritized R&D and infrastructure projects. By using integrated systems engineering, development, testing and integration perspective; we have built up our development environments where different technologies, programming languages, design and project management tools are used. We have completed the necessary certifications in order to develop defense projects. We have received personal security documents for all our staff.

We develop our projects in accordance with the military standards specified in the project requirements, and for this purpose we benefit from our corporate quality management system certified by ISO 9001 certificate. We have SASAD, KOSGEB, ATO, ASO and TSSK memberships. We also have Technological Product Experience Certificate, Project Completion Certificate, Tempest Compliance Report, Industrial Registry Certificate and Capacity Report.

What We Do?

We started to develop various infrastructure software first in the field of simulation and modeling, which is our main focus. In one of these, we developed a microservice-based simulation infrastructure called NAUTILUS to be used in joint simulation systems with the support of TUBITAK. For this purpose, we have a unique infrastructure product where each service has defined functionality and interface, massage traffic of all services can be managed and can meet the needs of similar projects to be developed in the future.

We also developed the tactical environment simulation of a flight simulator project by utilizing the infrastructure software that we developed in the previous years to be used as a visual infrastructure in simulation systems. Similarly, we are developing an integrated software family including run-time infrastructure, record and playback tool, visualization tool and a code generator by utilizing the middleware we developed for simulation interoperability. We started to try this product which we call ARTI in various simulation projects in defense industry. Starting with this product, we aim to ensure that all of our products and projects we develop have long-lasting features such as reusability, extensibility and standard compliance.

Conceptual modeling, model development and model execution play an important role in our works. For this purpose, we develop various physical and mathematical models at tactical and engineering level. In one of these we develop radar and electro-optic models of a warfare effectiveness evaluation project.

In a project we started with the support of TÜBİTAK, we develop a dynamic adaptive and visual model definition language and tools product. We consider that this flexible and easy-to-use product, which will shorten development times, can be used in many simulation modeling projects.

Due to the high and effective visuality needs that have become increasingly important in many military and civilian systems, we have begun to advance our efforts in this field. We develop simple and easy-to-use, platform-independent, 2 and 3-dimensional applications to meet the visual needs of the synthetic battlefield and tactical environment; we support them with technological innovations such as touch screens, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality applications.

We have created a war game framework that can be used for planning, operating and end-of-activity evaluation of simulations. This infrastructure will be developed with different levels of war game simulations; tactical training systems, security analysis solutions and smart city applications. At the point we have reached today, although our company has only been over a short period of time, our original and high-tech products that make a difference in simulation modeling have begun to emerge. We are able to use the infrastructure and competencies we have in a broad application perspective. For this purpose, we continue to work in accordance with the national and local high technology product development targets of our country. We aim to give priority to the development of our projects and products with high quality so that we can compete with similar ones in the world and to take part in the international market in this field.